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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Regulations relating to the taking of Buccal Sample or Withdrawal of Blood from a Living Person for Testing



(5) The training contemplated in regulation 3 shall—
(a) only be offered to persons who, in the opinion of the person providing the training, are capable of understanding the subject matter of such training;
(b) be for a period not less than three hours; and
(c) include—
(i) information on obtaining informed consent of the person from whom the buccal (cellular material inside the mouth) or blood is drawn;
(ii) preparation for and the actual taking of the buccal (cellular inside the mouth) or removal of blood;
(iii) ensuring process quality;
(iv) the use of equipment;
(v) stopping the bleeding in the case where blood is removed and the disposal of used but unwanted material;
(vi) information on tests to be conducted;
(vii) interpretation of test results; and
(viii) submission of buccal (cellular material inside the mouth) or blood for further management.


(6) A person in charge of a health establishment must, when required, confirm in writing that a particular person received training for taking buccal (cellular material inside the mouth) or removal of blood at the relevant health establishment.