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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Regulations relating to the obtainment of information and the processes of determination and publication of reference Price List

3. Information that may be submitted


(1) The information referred to in regulation 2 may include, but not limited to—
(a) activity times for health services rendered within a health establishment, including surgical and medical procedures, which means the time required to complete the actual procedure or service;
(b) overhead costs, i.e the costs incurred in rendering a set of items included in a reference price list schedule;
(c) labour costs, i.e the cost of labour that can be traced to the provision of a reference price list item;
(d) professional fees;
(e) cost of medicines, scheduled substances and medical devices;
(f) cost of maintenance of premises;
(g) cost of consumables used in delivery of health services;
(h) security costs;
(i) cost of foodstuffs for patients;
(j) cost of services or products used to ensure patient safety;
(k) cost of insurance related to the provision of health services;
(l) details of persons or institutions providing services to or at the establishment;
(m) scales of benefits payable by medical schemes to the health establishment;
(n) occupancy rate, which is the utilised capacity of a facility or equipment divided by the available capacity during the period under consideration;
(o) non-confidential information on the health establishment;
(p) income and expenditure;
(q) billing guidelines and rules, where these exist;
(r) waste management costs;
(s) details of agreements with third parties; or
(t) any other costs that are ordinarily incurred.


(2) The information must—
(a) be in accordance with the pricing methodology contemplated in regulation 4(2)(a);
(b) indicate cost parameters that are different in respect of different provider groups;
(c) be comprehensive and provide for item codes and item type, where applicable;
(d) provide for representative samples and how the sample sizes used have been calculated; and
(e) include explanations for adjustments or assumptions made in cost evaluations.