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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Regulations Regarding the Rendering of Forensic Pathology Service, 2018

12. Additional evidence at post mortem examination


(1) Subject to any other law, an authorised medical practitioner may submit for examination, or cause to be submitted for examination, any tissue, fluid, object, or thing related to a body, to an appropriate institution, for purposes of establishing the cause and circumstance of a death of a person or for furthering the processes and administration of justice.


(2) Any party must, when requested by an authorised medical practitioner, provide full and appropriate information without delay pertaining to circumstances of death, including relevant medical records and or history.


(3) The authorised medical practitioner has the authority to decide to dissect a body, remove or cause to be removed, any part, organ or contents of a body for the purpose 9f determining the cause, manner and circumstance of death.


(4) The forensic pathologist in charge of the Service in that area may direct the attending authorised medical practitioner, to perform the post mortem examination in a manner which is appropriate to the case.