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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


National Health Insurance Policy towards Universal Health Coverage

Chapter 6 : Reorganisation of the Health Care System and Services under NHI


137. The provision of healthcare services will be through an integrated system involving accredited and contracted public and private providers.


138. The reorganisation is aimed at achieving: a) improved health (level and equity); b) responsiveness; c) financial risk protection; and d) improved efficiency. Several initiatives have been introduced to improve the performance of the health system, in terms of the service delivery, management and quality of health care. The planned interventions outlined will be undertaken throughout the 14-year phased implementation of NHI.


6.1 Service Delivery

6.2 Improving Leadership and Governance

6.3 Enhancing the Health Workforce

6.4 Medical products and technologies

6.5 Information and Research for Monitoring of progress to UHC