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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Emergency Care at Mass Gathering Events Regulations, 2017

6. Provision of emergency medical services at event


The following provisions apply—


(1) a risk assessment must be undertaken for every event;


(2) the risk assessment must be based on the type of event, the number of spectators, etc. as listed in Annexure B which sets out the method of calculating the minimum number and Annexure C which sets out the levels of resources required for the management of the event;


(3) the calculations do not include dedicated medical cover for participants and VIPs;


(4) the medical cover for the participants in sporting events must be based on guidelines provided by the relevant sporting body in conjunction with the relevant Department of Health;


(5) Annexure B, Table 1 must be used to allocate a score based on the nature of the event;


(6) since a single event may have multiple risks, each risk must be identified and the highest risk score allocated accordingly;


(7) Annexure B, Table 2 must be used to assess the event intelligence;


(8) Annexure B, Table 3 must be used to take into consideration any additional factors;


(9) Annexure C must be used to indicate the minimum resource requirements;


(10) under each item the relevant score for the specific event must be selected;


(11) calculations:
(a) to calculate the overall score for the event, add the total scores in Annexure B, Table 4 to give an overall score for the event;
(b) use the score from the calculation in Annexure B, Table 4 to gauge the minimum level of resources indicated for the event (See Annexure C for minimum resource requirement);
(c) the score refers to the minimum resources that must be available on duty at any one time during the event and not the cumulative number of personnel deployed throughout the duration of the event; and
(d) at events where a VOC is established, a medical VOC commander must participate in the coordination of the event;


(12) under the category of BAAs that are not part of the ambulance crews, it is acceptable to utilise volunteer qualified Level 3 first aiders at a maximum of 75% of the predicted number of BAAs.