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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Emergency Care at Mass Gathering Events Regulations, 2017

5. Medical facility criteria


The criteria for medical facility provision are as follows—


(1) at least one (1) Medical Centre must be established per venue for use by the event staff, participants and the general public when the risk assessment score is in excess of 39;


(2) for a risk assessment of less than 40 at least 1 Medical Post must be established;


(3) for an event where the participants must be segregated from the spectators, for reasons of safety and security, a separate medical facility must be provided for the participants;


(4) additional Medical Posts may be strategically situated within the venue depending on the venue size and layout, or if there is restricted access to the primary Medical Centre;


(5) a Medical Centre and a Medical Post must be clearly marked, sign posted and be easily accessible;


(6) the entrance of a Medical Centre and a Medical Post must be accessible to wheeled stretchers and wheelchairs;


(7) a Medical Centre and a Medical Post must be easily accessible to ambulances to facilitate the referral of patients to hospital;


(8) lighting and plug points must comply with existing South African National Standards (SANS) for emergency centres and must be linked to the venue emergency backup power source;


(9) a Medical Centre and a Medical Post must each have at least one hand washing facility with clean water;


(10) waste disposal facilities must be available in all areas for general, non-sharp health risk and sharp health risk waste to facilitate proper waste segregation and the smallest containers appropriate and available must be used;


(11) the size of the Medical Centre must be determined by the crowd capacity of the stadium;


(12) allowance must be made for at least 1 bed per 10 000 participants, or part thereof;


(13) a minimum of 1 bed must be equipped as a resuscitation bed with a treatment area of at least 9 square meters;


(14) all other beds must have a treatment area of at least 4 square meters per bed;


(15) the number of resuscitation beds must increase with an increase in the size of the event, with 1 in every 5 beds designated for resuscitation;


(16) the Medical Centre must have the following designated areas:
(a) Reception area;
(b) General treatment area;
(c) Resuscitation area;
(d) Secure store for drugs and equipment;
(e) Sluice facilities for the cleansing of used medical equipment, as far as is practically possible; and
(f) A toilet in close proximity.


(17) the Medical Centre must be provided with adequate emergency care and medical equipment appropriate to the level of the health care provider on duty and appropriate for the type and size of the event being held;


(18) the medical equipment must be additional to that contained in ambulances utilised for the event; and


(19) a medical facility must be designated as a non-smoking area.