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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Emergency Care at Mass Gathering Events Regulations, 2017

10. Composition and responsibilities of Inspectorate


The composition and responsibilities of the Inspectorate are as follows—


(1) an Inspectorate, if appointed, must be composed of at least the following members:
(a) the provincial EMS Events Coordinator or his or her delegate;
(b) the EMS District Manager or his or her delegate; and
(c) the Medical Area Coordinator appointed in terms of regulation 4(15).


(2) the Inspectorate must, immediately on receipt of an application, contact the applicant to secure an inspection date;


(3) if an applicant fails to provide a date for inspection to the Inspectorate within 3 working days of the date on which the applicant was requested to do so, the applicant must be regarded as having withdrawn the application;


(4) when appointed, an Inspectorate must, through an inspecting officer, carry out an inspection at the event site and submit a written report, on the findings relating to the inspection, to the provincial EMS manager;


(5) the Inspectorate must make a recommendation upon completion of the inspection;


(6) the applicant subject to his or her right to privacy and confidentiality, must provide the inspecting officer with:
(a) the information that the inspecting officer may require with regard to the event; and
(b) any other information necessary to assess compliance with these Regulations; and


(7) subject to the right to privacy and confidentiality of the applicant, a person may not—
(a) in any way, obstruct an inspecting officer from carrying out an inspection;
(b) refuse to furnish, to the best of her or his knowledge, information requested by the inspecting officer; or
(c) refuse, when requested by the inspecting officer, to show any vehicle, apparatus or place, or refuse to unlock a cupboard or storage compartment or area.