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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Policy Guidelines for the Licensing of Residential and/or Day Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Illness and/or Severe or Profound Intellectual Disability

8. Application Procedure


8.1 Any person who intends to operate a residential care facility and /or day care facility should apply to the HOD using the Application Form for Licensing of Residential and Day Care Facilities (Annexure A).


8.2 The completed Application Form (Annexure A) must be accompanied by certified copies of the following:—
(a) Registration documents as a legal person in terms of the South African law or as an NPO /NGO:
(b) A service level agreement between the applicant and the District Manager regarding clinical support services, medicines, medical supplies and any other support that the health district will provide;
(c) A valid zoning or re- zoning certificate issued by the local municipality;
(d) Certificate of occupation certifying that the building meets all building regulation requirements issued by the municipality;
(e) A valid Certificate of acceptability issued by Environmental Health Services in terms of the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfected Act 1972, (Act No. 54 of 1972);
(f) A valid health certificate issued by Environmental Health Services in terms of the National Environmental Health Norms and Standards;
(g) A health care risk waste management contract;
(h) A certificate of compliance in terms of the electrical requirements including the backup generator installation;
(i) Clearance certificate for water supply if not reticulated;
(j) In the case of a building still to be erected or converted, written proof that the building plans have been approved by the local authority;
(k) An approved activity or psychosocial rehabilitation programme;
(I) A maintenance plan for the facility;
(m) Clinical protocols for care, treatment and rehabilitation;
(n) Standard operating procedures /policy for the management of risks of infectious diseases including the reporting of notifiable diseases;
(o) Proposed staff establishment for the facility;
(p) Copy of Business Plan with costing for proposed activities;
(q) Proof of ownership of property or lease agreement;
(r) Bank Account Details and three months' bank statement; and
(s) Valid tax clearance certificate.