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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Regulations relating to the Surveillance and the Control of Notifiable Medical Conditions, 2017

Chapter 1 : Implementation Principles and Responsibilities in relation to Notifiable Medical Conditions

3. Responsibilities at national level


(1) The Minister has the overall responsibility to oversee the implementation of these Regulations.


(2) The Director-General must—
(a) promote adherence to the use of standard case definitions for all notifiable medical conditions according to the World Health Organization (WHO) International Classification of Diseases as adapted by the national department;
(b) promote adherence to the use of national department forms and tools for reporting notifiable medical conditions;
(c) promote the adherence to the notification procedures stipulated in these Regulations;
(d) ensure that structures, processes and systems are in place for the surveillance and control of notifiable medical conditions as stipulated in national department guidelines;
(e) designate and ensure the functioning of the National IHR Focal Point;
(f) notify the WHO IHR Contact Point through the National IHR Focal Point within 24 hours of epidemiological assessment, of all events which may constitute a public health emergency of international concern;
(g) issue and promote adherence to national department guidelines on the surveillance and control of notifiable medical conditions.