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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Procedural Regulations Pertaining to the Functioning of the Office of Health Standards Compliance and Handling of Complaints by the Ombud

Chapter 2 : Collection of Information and Designation of Person in Charge

7. Duties of person in charge


(1) The person in charge contemplated in regulation 6(2) must—
(a) supply the Office or Ombud with information necessary to discharge its or his or her responsibilities, as the case may be, in terms of the Act;
(b) provide assistance to an inspector in the preparation for and during an inspection contemplated in section 82(1) of the Act;
(c) receive and acknowledge receipt of a compliance notice contemplated in section 82A of the Act and regulation 13;
(d) provide assistance to the Ombud during an investigation contemplated in section 81A(1) of the Act;
(e) consider and respond to any report from the Office regarding compliance by the health establishment with norms and standards and implement remedial measures within specified timeframes;
(f) foster a culture of compliance with norms and standards within the health establishment;
(g) design and implement programmes to improve compliance by health care personnel in the employ of the health establishment;
(h) disseminate information supplied by the Office to the health care personnel in the employ of the health establishment;
(i) maintain an updated record of inspections by the Office or investigations by the Ombud;  and
(j) render any assistance to the Office or Ombud on all matters relating to norms and standards.


(2) The person in charge may assign any of his or her responsibilities, referred to in sub-regulation (1), to any senior employee in rank within the health establishment in writing.