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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Procedural Regulations Pertaining to the Functioning of the Office of Health Standards Compliance and Handling of Complaints by the Ombud

Chapter 7 : Complaints Handling and Investigation

45. Period for completing investigation


(1) The Ombud must complete an investigation referred to in Regulation 42 within a period of 6 months, unless extended in terms of sub-regulation (2), after the decision to carry out the investigation.


(2) The Ombud may extend the period for completing an investigation if the Ombud reasonably considers that, in view of all the circumstances, including the size and complexity of the matters being investigated, it is not possible to complete the investigation by the due date.


(3) The period for completing an investigation may be extended more than once, but each extension may not be more than 3 months, provided the total period of the investigation does not exceed 2 years.