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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Procedural Regulations Pertaining to the Functioning of the Office of Health Standards Compliance and Handling of Complaints by the Ombud

Chapter 7 : Complaints Handling and Investigation

33. How to lay complaint


(1) A complaint to the Ombud may be laid—
(a) orally, including by telephone; or
(b) in writing, including by email or other electronic means.


(2) If a complaint is laid orally, the Ombud must—
(a) make a record of the complaint; and
(b) request the complainant to confirm the accuracy of the recording.


(3) The Ombud must give a complainant reasonable assistance to lay a complaint, and to take necessary measures to ensure reasonable access to the Ombud by the users of health care services and other concerned persons.


(4) The complaint must contain adequate information regarding the complaint including, at least, the contact details of the complainant or his or her representative, and the evidence or basis for the complaint, and such other particulars as the Ombud may require to deal with the complaint.