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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Emergency Medical Services Regulations, 2017

Part 2 : EMS Advisory Committee

6. Termination of membership


(1) A member of the Committee may, at any time, resign as a member of the Committee by giving not less than twenty (20) working days written notice to the Head of Department.


(2) The Head of Department may terminate the appointment of a member of the Committee with immediate effect if the member—
(a) is or becomes an un-rehabilitated insolvent;
(b) fails to—
(i) declare his or her financial interest or other conflict of interest; or
(ii) recuse himself or herself where he or she or an immediate family member has an interest in the outcome of a decision to be made or made by the Committee;
(c) is suffering from an infirmity of mind or body which prevents him or her from properly discharging his or her duties as a member of the Committee;
(d) has engaged in conduct, which brings or which could bring the Committee into disrepute or threatens the integrity of the Committee;
(e) fails to attend two consecutive meetings of the Committee without having been granted leave of absence by the Chairperson;
(f) fails to carry out the duties and functions of the Committee to the best of his or her ability; or
(g) is convicted of an offence referred to in regulation 5(7).