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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Emergency Medical Services Regulations, 2017

Part 5 : EMS Operational Affairs

27. Information concerning Emergency Medical Service


(1) The Emergency Medical Service Manager must ensure that an individual patient care record is kept for every patient treated or conveyed by the service.


(2) The Emergency Medical Service Manager must ensure that the following information is captured on a monthly basis, is properly secured and is readily available to inspect at the request of an inspecting officer or the Head of Department:
(a) Response time performance appropriately categorised into the response categories for urban and rural areas;
(b) the names, qualifications, relevant Health Professions Council of South Africa registration details and number of hours worked per month of employees, contractors and volunteers;
(c) a file for each staff member employed by the Emergency Medical Service with the following, as a minimum:
(i) Copy of the identity document;
(ii) copy of Driver's Licence and Professional Driver's Permit;
(iii) copy of employment contract; and
(iv) company's payroll;
(d) proof of registration of every staff member—
(i) with the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Fund;
(ii) for Pay As You Earn;
(iii) for the Skills Development Levy; and
(iv) with the Unemployment Insurance Fund;
(e) proof of the number of ambulances and response vehicles in the service;
(f) a record of the number and nature of adverse patient incidents;
(g) the monthly staff shift rosters; and
(h) a record of complaints received and the resolutions thereof.