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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)

Chapter 6 : Health Establishments

35. Classification of health establishments


The Minister may by regulation—

(a) classify all health establishments into such categories as may be appropriate, based on—
(i) their role and function within the national health system;
(ii) the size and location of the communities they serve;
(iii) the nature and level of health services they are able to provide;
(iv) their geographical location and demographic reach;
(v) the need to structure the delivery of health services in accordance with national norms and standards within an integrated and co-ordinated national framework; and
(vi) in the case of private health establishments, whether or not the establishment is for profit or not; and
(b) in the case of a central hospital, determine the establishment of the hospital board and the management system of such central hospital.