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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)

Chapter 4 : Provincial Health

25. Provincial health services, and general functions of provincial departments


(1) The relevant member of the Executive Council must ensure the implementation of national health policy, norms and standards in his or her province.


(2) The head of a provincial department must, in accordance with national health policy and the relevant provincial health policy in respect of or within the relevant province—
(a) provide specialised hospital services;
(b) plan and manage the provincial health information system;
(c) participate in interprovincial and intersectoral co-ordination and collaboration;
(d) co-ordinate the funding and financial management of district health councils;
(e) provide technical and logistical support to district health councils;
(f) plan, co-ordinate and monitor health services and must evaluate the rendering of health services;
(g) co-ordinate health and medical services during provincial disasters;
(h) conduct or facilitate research on health and health services;
(i) plan, manage and develop human resources for the rendering of health services:
(j) plan the development of public and private hospitals, other health establishments and health agencies;
(k) control and manage the cost and financing of public health establishments and public health agencies;
(l) facilitate and promote the provision of comprehensive primary health services and community hospital services;

[Section 25(2)(l) amended by section 3 of Act No. 12 of 2013]

(m) provide and co-ordinate emergency medical services and forensic pathology, forensic clinical medicines and related services, including the provision of medico-legal mortuaries and medico-legal services;
(n) control the quality of all health services and facilities;
(o) provide health services contemplated by specific provincial health service programmes;
(p) provide and maintain equipment, vehicles and health care facilities in the public sector;
(q) consult with communities regarding health matters;
(r) provide occupational health services;
(s) promote health and healthy lifestyles;
(t) promote community participation in the planning, provision and evaluation of health services;
(u) provide environmental pollution control services;
(v) ensure health systems research; and
(w) provide services for the management, prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.


(3) The head of a provincial department must—
(a) prepare strategic, medium term health and human resources plans annually for the exercise of the powers of, the performance of the duties of and the provision of health services in the province by the provincial department; and
(b) submit such plans to the Director-General within the time frames and in accordance with the guidelines determined by the National Health Council.


(4) Provincial health plans must conform with national health policy.