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Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000)

Chapter 7 : Local Public Administration and Human Resources

Part 4 : Staff matters

67. Human resource development



1) A municipality, in accordance with the Employment Equity Act, 1998, must develop and adopt appropriate systems and procedures, consistent with any uniform standards prescribed in terms of section 72(1)(c), to ensure fair, efficient, effective and transparent personnel administration, including-
a) the recruitment, selection and appointment of persons as staff members;
b) service conditions of staff;
c) the supervision and management of staff;
d) the monitoring, measuring and evaluating of performance of staff;
e) the promotion and demotion of staff;
f) the transfer of staff;
g) grievance procedures;
h) disciplinary procedures;
i) the Investigation of allegations of misconduct and complaints against staff;
j) the dismissal and retrenchment of staff; and
k) any other matter prescribed by regulation in terms of section 72.


2) Systems and procedures adopted in terms of subsection (1), to the extent that they deal with matters falling under applicable labour legislation and affecting the rights and interests of staff members, must be consistent with such legislation.


3) Systems and procedures adopted in terms of subsection (1), apply also to a person referred to in section 57.


4) The municipal manager must-
a) ensure that every staff member and every relevant representative trade union has easy access to a copy of these staff systems and procedures, including any amendments;
b) on written request by a staff member, make a copy of or extract from these staff systems and procedures, including any amendments, available to that staff member; and
c) ensure that the purpose, contents and consequences of these staff systems and procedures are explained to staff members who cannot read.