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Medical Schemes Act, 1998 (Act No. 131 of 1998)


Regulations in terms of the Medical Schemes Act

Chapter 4 : Waiting periods and premium penalties

11. General waiting periods


For the purposes of this chapter —


"creditable coverage"

means any period in which a late joiner was —

a) a member or a dependant of a medical scheme;
b) a member or a dependant of an entity doing the business of a medical scheme which, at the time of his or her membership of such entity, was exempt from the provisions of the Act;
c) a uniformed employee of the South African National Defence Force, or a dependant of such employee, who received medical benefits from the South African National Defence Force; or
d) a member or a dependant of the Permanent Force Continuation Fund,

but excluding any period of coverage as a dependant under the age of 21 years;


"late joiner’"

means an applicant or the adult dependant of an applicant who, at the date of application for membership or admission as a dependant, as the case may be, is 35 years of age or older, but excludes any beneficiary who enjoyed coverage with one or more medical schemes as from a date preceding 1 April 2001, without a break in coverage exceeding three consecutive months since 1 April 2001.