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Medical Schemes Act, 1998 (Act No. 131 of 1998)

Chapter 3 : Council for Medical Schemes

Part 1 : Council

8. Powers of Council


The Council shall, in the exercise of its powers, be entitled to—

(a) appoint such staff as the Council may deem necessary to employ to assist the Council in the performance of its functions and the execution of its duties;
(b) hire, purchase or otherwise acquire such moveable or immovable property for the performance of its functions, and may let, sell or otherwise dispose of such property;
(c) enter into an agreement with any person including the State or any other institution for the performance of any specific act or function or the rendering of any service;
(d) insure itself against any loss, damage, risk or liability which it may suffer or incur;
(e) approve business plans and the budget for the Council and the functions performed by the Registrar;
(f) approve the registration, suspension, and cancellation of registration, of medical schemes or a benefit option;
(g) invest, loan, advance on interest and place on deposit, moneys not needed immediately for the current expenditure of the Council or the functions performed by the Registrar or to deal therewith in any other way against such securities and in such manner as the Council may determine from time to time, and to convert investments into money, adjust such securities, re-invest the proceeds thereof or to deal therewith in any other manner as determined by the Council;
(h) exempt, in exceptional cases and subject to such terms and conditions and for such period as the Council may determine, a medical scheme or other person upon written application from complying with any provision of this Act;
(i) authorise the Registrar from time to time to sign any contract, cheque or other document which binds the Council or which authorises any action on behalf of the Council;
(j) determine the terms and conditions of service of any person appointed by the Council or who is under contract; and
(k) in general, take any appropriate steps which it deems necessary or expedient to perform its functions in accordance with the provisions of this Act.