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Medical Schemes Act, 1998 (Act No. 131 of 1998)

Chapter 9 : Powers of Registrar

42. Registrar may require additional particulars


(1) The Registrar may, if he or she is of the opinion that—
(a) an application for registration of a medical scheme;
(b) any amendment to the rules of a medical scheme; or
(c) any statement, account, return or document relating to the financial condition of a medical scheme,

does not disclose sufficient information to enable a decision to be made, request the principal officer of that medical scheme to furnish such additional particulars as the Registrar may deem necessary.


(2) If the Registrar is of the opinion that a certificate or special report by an actuary or by the auditor of a medical scheme is necessary in regard to any matter set out in subsection (1), the principal officer of that medical scheme shall on request furnish such certificate or report as the Registrar may require.


(3) The Registrar may require such information as to enable the Council to make recommendations to the Minister on the matters referred to in section 7(c).