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Medical Schemes Act, 1998 (Act No. 131 of 1998)

Chapter 8 : Documents

41. Right to obtain copies of, or to inspect certain documents


(1) A medical scheme shall deliver to a beneficiary on demand by such beneficiary, and on payment of such fee as may be determined by the rules of the medical scheme, a copy of any of the following documents:
(a) The rules of the medical scheme.
(b) The latest annual financial statements prepared under section 37(1).
(c) Any other document referred to in section 37(2) and (4)(d).


(2) A beneficiary shall be entitled to inspect, without charge, at the registered office of a medical scheme of which he or she is a member, the documents referred to in subsection (1) and to make extracts therefrom.


(3) Any person may, upon payment of the prescribed fee, inspect at the office of the Registrar any document referred to in subsection (1) and may make an extract thereof or obtain from the Registrar a copy thereof or extract therefrom.


(4) The Registrar may exempt any person from the obligation to pay fees under this section if the Registrar is satisfied that the inspection, copy or extract in question is desired for the purpose of furthering the public interest.