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Medical Schemes Act, 1998 (Act No. 131 of 1998)

Chapter 4 : Medical Schemes

23. Name of medical scheme and change of name


(1) The Registrar shall not register a medical scheme under a name, nor change the name of a medical scheme to a name—
(a) which has already been registered;
(b) which so closely resembles the name of a medical scheme already registered that the one is likely to be mistaken for the other; or
(c) which is likely to mislead the public.


(2) A medical scheme shall not use or refer to itself by a name other than the name under which it is registered or a literal translation or an abbreviation thereof which has been approved by the Registrar.


(3) A medical scheme may, with the consent of the Registrar, in conjunction with its registered name, use, or refer to itself by, the name of a medical scheme with which it has amalgamated or which it has absorbed or, in the case of a change of name, the name by which it was previously known.


(4) A medical scheme shall not change its name without the prior written consent of the Registrar.