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Lotteries Act, 1997 (Act No. 57 of 1997)

Part II : Other Lotteries

Chapter 3 : Functions of board in respect of society lotteries

51. Revocation of certificate



1) The following shall constitute grounds for the revocation of a certificate contemplated in section 47:
a) If the certificate holder is no longer a fit and proper person to manage or in any other way conduct a society lottery, whether because of the commission of an act of insolvency, insolvency, liquidation, judicial management, incarceration in a prison or other institution, or for any other valid reason;
b) if the certificate holder allows any person or body to derive a benefit from a lottery contrary to the provisions of this Act;
c) if any information given by the certificate holder to the board in connection with the application for the certificate was false in a material respect;
d) if the certificate holder contravenes or fails to comply with a condition in the certificate or a provision of this Act; or
e) if the certificate holder is convicted on a charge of theft, fraud, forgery or uttering a forged document, perjury, an offence in terms of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1958 (Act No. 6 of 1958), the Corruption Act, 1992, Part 1 to 4, or section 17, 20 or 21 (in so far as it relates to the aforementioned offences) of Chapter 2 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, 2004, or any offence involving dishonesty.


2) If the board is satisfied that grounds exist for the revocation of a certificate contemplated in section 47, it shall in writing notify the certificate holder of the existence of those grounds and call upon him or her to furnish reasons, within seven days, as to why the certificate should not be revoked, failing which the certificate will cease to be valid.


3) If the reasons contemplated in subsection (2) are not received by the board within the period of seven days, the board shall inform all societies on whose behalf the certificate holder has conducted lotteries of the fact that the certificate granted to that certificate holder has ceased to be valid, of the date on which it so ceased to be valid and of the grounds for revocation enumerated in the notice to the certificate holder as contemplated in subsection (2).


4) If reasons are furnished by the certificate holder as contemplated in subsection (2), the board shall not revoke the certificate without having given due consideration to such reasons.


5) If the board revokes a certificate under this section, the board shall give written notice of the revocation and of the grounds for the revocation to the certificate holder and all societies on whose behalf the certificate holder is known to have conducted lotteries.


6) The revocation of the certificate shall take effect 21 days after the date of the notice in terms of subsection (5).