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Lotteries Act, 1997 (Act No. 57 of 1997)

Part II : Other Lotteries

Chapter 3 : Functions of board in respect of society lotteries

47. Certification of lottery managers



1) An application by a person to be certified as a lottery manager shall be made to the board in such form and manner and shall contain such information as the board may require, which shall include-
a) sufficient information to fully identify the applicant;
b) information in respect of its shareholders or the persons in any other way controlling it, if the applicant is a juristic person, or a curriculum vitae if the applicant is a natural person; and
c) the applicant’s physical address.


2) A fee determined by the board shall be payable when the application is made.


3) The board shall subject to the provisions of this section grant a certificate to an applicant certifying him or her or it as a lottery manager.


4) A person shall not be granted a certificate under this section, if in the opinion of the board-
a) any person who would be likely to manage or in any other way control the business or any part of the business of managing lotteries under the certificate is not a fit and proper person to do so;
b) any person for whose benefit that business would be likely to be carried on, is not a fit and proper person to benefit from it;
c) any information given by the applicant to the board in or in connection with the application is false in a material respect;
d) the applicant does not have the appropriate knowledge, experience or resources available to manage the society lottery;
e) in the past the applicant acted in any way which caused harm or could have caused harm to-
i) any lottery which he or she was conducting;
ii) the society on whose behalf he or she was conducting a lottery; or
iii) the integrity of society lotteries in general; or
f) the applicant fails to meet any requirement prescribed by the Minister.


5) If the board refuses to grant a certificate, the board shall notify the applicant in writing of the refusal and the grounds for such refusal.


6) If the board grants a certificate, the holder of the certificate shall in writing inform the board of any change to the information supplied to the board in terms of subsection (1) at least seven days before that change comes into effect.