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Lotteries Act, 1997 (Act No. 57 of 1997)

Part I : The National Lottery

Chapter 3 : Distribution of net proceeds of National Lottery

28. Allocation to charities



1) So much of any sum paid into the fund as is allocated for expenditure referred to in section 26(3)(b), shall be held in the fund for distribution by the Commission to distribute the allocated sum fairly and equitably amongst all persons who meet the prescribed requirements.

[Subsection (1) amended by section 26(a) of Act No. 32 of 2013]


2) The distributing agency shall consider, evaluate and adjudicate applications for grants and the Commission shall pay such grants to appropriate recipients in accordance with this Act and subject to the conditions imposed and to any directions issued by the board, from the sum allocated for charitable purposes.

[Subsection (2) amended by section 26(b) of Act No. 32 of 2013]


3) [Subsection (3) deleted by section 26(c) of Act No. 32 of 2013].


4) The Auditor-General or a person designated by him or her shall audit all financial statements reflecting expenditure from the sum allocated for charitable purposes.


5) Any juristic person meeting the prescribed requirements may in the prescribed form apply to the distributing agency for a grant.