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Local Government: Municipal Electoral Act, 2000 (Act No. 27 of 2000)

Chapter 4 : Observers and Voter Education Providers

43. Accreditation of persons providing voter education



(1) Any natural or juristic person may apply to the Commission in the prescribed manner to provide voter education.


(2) The Commission may require further information in support of an application.


(3) The Commission may accredit an applicant to provide voter education after considering the application, any further information provided by the applicant, and whether—
(a) the services provided by the applicant meet the Commission’s standards;
(b) the applicant is able to conduct its activities effectively;
(c) the applicant or the persons appointed by the applicant to provide voter education will—
(i) do so in a manner that is impartial and independent of any party or candidate that is or may be contesting elections;
(ii) be competent to do so; and
(iii) subscribe to the Code of Conduct for Accredited Voter Education Providers governing persons accredited to provide voter education; and
(d) the accreditation of the applicant will promote voter education and conditions conducive to free and fair elections.


(4) Section 38(4), (6) and (7), adjusted as contextually may be necessary, applies to the accreditation of persons providing voter education.