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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

Bargaining Council for the South African Road Passenger (SARPBAC)

Main Collective Agreement


Annexure B : Dispute Resolution

21. Postponement of Proceedings



21.1 Any Party may apply for a postponement of conciliation, Conciliation/Arbitration  or arbitration proceedings by serving an application for postponement on the other Parties to the dispute and lodging a copy with SARPBAC at least seven (7) Days before the scheduled date of such proceedings.


21.2 SARPBAC must postpone proceedings without the Parties appearing if
21.2.1 all the Parties to the dispute agree in writing to the postponement and the written agreement for the postponement is received by -SARPBAC at  least seven (7) Days prior to the scheduled date of the such proceedings; or
21.2.2 there are compelling reasons to postpone.


21.3 Upon postponement of any proceedings, the Commissioner must reschedule such proceedings to a later date not more than sixty (60) Days from such postponement.


21.4 Any Party who seeks or causes a postponement in circumstances other than those provided for in clauses 21.1 or 21.2 above shall bear the costs of the postponement regardless of the cause.