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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

Bargaining Council for the South African Road Passenger (SARPBAC)

Main Collective Agreement


Annexure B : Dispute Resolution

10. Joining of Parties to Proceedings



10.1 SARPBAC or a Commissioner may join any number of persons as Parties in proceedings, if the right to relief depends on substantially the same question of law or fact.


10.2 A Commissioner may make an order joining any person as a Party in the proceedings if the Party to be joined has a substantial interest in the subject matter of the proceedings.


10.3        A Commissioner may make an order in terms of Clause 10(2) above

10.3.1 on the Commissioner's own accord or
10.3.2 on application by a Party or
10.3.3 if a person entitled to join the proceedings applies at any time during the proceedings to intervene as a Party.


10.4 An application to join any person as a Party to proceedings must be accompanied by copies of all documents previously delivered unless the person concerned or that person's representative is already in possession of the documents.


10.5 Subject to any order made in terms of Clause 10.2 above, a joiner in terms  of  this clause does not affect any steps already taken in the proceedings.