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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Labour Relations regulations in terms of section 208

B. Index of Forms Annexed to Regulations

2. Organised according to activities and Organisations






Request to establish picketing rules

Section 69(4)

LRA Form 4.1

Private agency applies for accreditation

Section 127(1)

LRA Form 7.2

Certificate of accreditation of private agency

Section 127(5)(a)(ii)

LRA Form 7.4

Council or private agency applies to amend accreditation

Section 129(1)

LRA Form 7.5

Notice to NEDLAC about possible protest action

Section 77(1)(b)

LRA Form 4.4

Notice to NEDLAC of intention to proceed with protest action

Section 77(1)(d)

LRA Form 4.5

Record of strike, lock-out or protest action

Section 205(3)(a)

LRA Form 9.2