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GT Shield

Part 1 : Conditions of Employment



1. Scope of Application of Agreement

2. Allowances

Special Provisions

General Provisions

3. Definitions

4. Hours of Work

5. Overtime and Payment for Work on Sundays

6. Shift Work

7. Short-Time

8. Payment of Earnings

9. Maternity Leave or Leave  i.r.o the Adoption of a Child under Two Years of Age

10. Incentive Bonus Work

11. Payment for Public Holidays

12. Leave Pay

13. Additional Paid Leave

14. Leave Enhancement Pay (L.E.P.)

15. Special Leave Pay and Leave Enhancement Pay Provisions

16. Annual Shutdown

17. Allowances

18. Termination of Employment

19. Employment of Juveniles and Issue of Certificates, Etc.

20. Outwork, Temporary Employment Services and Limited Duration Contracts

21. Employment of Persons under 15 Years of Age

22. Insurance of Tools

23. Exemptions

24. Exhibition of Agreement

25. Manufacturing Certificates

26. Administration of Agreement

27. Working Partners

28. Agents

29. Injury on Duty Allowance

30. Unauthorised Employment

31. Prohibition of Cession and/or set-off

32. Certificate of Service

33. Technological Changes and Work Reorganisation

34. Paid Sick Leave

35. Security of Employment and Severance Payment

36. Procedures for the Negotiation of Agreements and Settlement of Disputes

37. Levels of Bargaining in the Industry

38. Working-In Time Arrangements

39. Standby and Call-Out Arrangements

40. Productivity Bargaining

41. Employee Share Option...

42. Family Responsibility Leave

43. Code of Good Practice...

44. Attendance of Worker Representatives on National and Regional Committees of the Bargaining Council

45. Special Provisions Limited to Construction Sites Covered by Project Labour Agreements

46. Time Off for the Training of Shop Stewards and for Trade Union Office Bearers to Attend Union Meetings

47. Time Off for Representatives of Party Trade Unions who Act as Trustees of the Industry Benefit Funds or who are Office Bearers of the MERSETA, Metal and Plastic Chamber

48. Employee Training

49. Industry Policy Forum