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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

National Textile Bargaining Council: Extension to Nonparties of the Main Collective Amending Agreement

Part 2

Annexure F : Wool and Mohair Section

E. Employee Benefits

13. Clause 29: HIV/AIDS



Substitute the following for the existing clause 29:


29) Each employee shall be granted two (2) hours paid time off per annum for HIV/AIDS awareness training. Such training to be coordinated by the SACTWU Worker Health Project. For the purpose of providing for a fund to provide HIV/AIDS education and awareness in the workplace, each employer shall contribute 40c (forty cents) per week per employee. Such contribution shall be made directly to the SACTWU Finance Department, on an annual basis, by no later than 31 January each year. The amount to be paid shall be calculated according to the number of employees in employ as at 30 November of the previous year.


The union shall provide the employers with regular (at least bi-annual) reports on the activities of the SACTWU Worker Health Project.