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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI)

Main Collective Agreement

Part 7 : Employers' Obligations

51. Daily logbook



1) An employer must furnish all drivers who are away from their place of residence and their employer's establishment on a journey extending over the compulsory rest interval of nine consecutive hours prescribed in clause 6(1) with a daily logbook which meets the following specifications-
a) the logsheets must be in duplicate folios and be serialised;
b) the Council's name, street address and postal address and the telephone number of the Council's nearest office to the employer's establishment where the employee is employed must appear on the driver's copy of the logsheet;
c) the name of the employer must appear on each logsheet;
d) the following must be recorded on each logsheet-
i) the date;
ii) the name of the driver;
iii) the name of any general worker, security officer or other employee accompanying the vehicle;
iv) the signatures of the driver and the employer or the employer's authorised representative;
v) the registration number of the vehicle and of any trailer;
vi) the odometer readings at the commencement and end of the working day;
vii) the working day commencement and finishing times;
viii) the commencement and finishing times of all meal intervals;
ix) the commencement and finishing times of all rest intervals;
x) the number of ordinary hours worked;
xi) the number of overtime hours worked;
xii) the number of hours worked on Sundays and public holidays; and
xiii) provision must be made for the driver to record general remarks relating to his or her duties and any vehicle or trailer defects.


2) A driver must, in respect of each day's work-
a) record the details required in terms of sub-clause (1) in the logbook; and
b) at the end of each day's work, or as soon as possible thereafter, deliver the original logsheet to the employer and retain a copy of the logsheet.


3) A driver may not record false details in the logbook and an employer may not require or permit a driver to enter details in the logbook that are false.


4) If a driver is doing local deliveries and is not away from his or her place of residence and employer's establishment on a journey extending over the compulsory rest interval referred to in sub-clause (1), the employer may utilise an attendance register instead of the daily logbook contemplated in sub-clause (1).


5) An attendance register or the completed original folios of the daily logbook must be retained by the employer at the employer's registered business address for a period of three years subsequent to the date to which the register or folio refers.