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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

Notice of Code of Good Practice on the Handling of Sexual Harassment cases

6. Policy statements



1) As a first step in expressing concern and commitment to dealing with the problem of sexual harassment, employers should issue a policy statement which should provide that:
a) All employees, job applicants and other persons who have dealings with the business, have the right to be treated with dignity.
b) Sexual harassment in the workplace will not be permitted or condoned.
c) Persons who have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace have a right to raise a grievance about it should it occur and appropriate action will be taken by the employer.


2) Management should be placed under a positive duty to implement the policy and take disciplinary action against employees who do not comply with the policy.


3) A policy on sexual harassment should also explain the procedure which should be followed by employees who are victims of sexual harassment. The policy should also state that:
a) Allegations of sexual harassment will be dealt with seriously, expeditiously, sensitively and confidentially.
b) Employees will be protected against victimization, retaliation for lodging grievances and from false accusations.


4) Policy statements on sexual harassment should be communicated effectively to all employees.