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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

Chapter III : Collective Bargaining

Part C : Bargaining Councils

34. Amalgamation of bargaining councils



(1) Any bargaining council may resolve to amalgamate with one or more other bargaining councils.


(2) The amalgamating bargaining councils may apply to the registrar for registration of the amalgamated bargaining council and the registrar must treat the application as an application in terms of section 29.


(3) If the registrar has registered the amalgamated bargaining council, the registrar must cancel the registration of each of the amalgamating bargaining councils by removing their names from the register of councils.


(4) The registration of an amalgamated bargaining council takes effect from the date that the registrar enters its name in the register of councils.


(5) When the registrar has registered an amalgamated bargaining council—
(a) all the assets, rights, liabilities and obligations of the amalgamating bargaining councils devolve upon and vest in the amalgamated bargaining council; and
(b) all the collective agreements of the amalgamating bargaining councils, regardless of whether or not they were extended in terms of section 32, remain in force for the duration of those collective agreements, unless amended or terminated by the amalgamated bargaining council.