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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

Chapter IX : General Provisions

203. Codes of good practice



(1) NEDLAC may—
(a) prepare and issue codes of good practice; and
(b) change or replace any code of good practice.


(2) Any code of good practice, or any change to or replacement of a code of good practice, must be published in the Government Gazette.


(2A) The Minister may issue a code of good practice by publishing it in the Government Gazette in accordance with the provisions of this section, if—
(a) proposals relating to the code of good practice have been tabled and considered by NEDLAC; and
(b) NEDLAC has reported to the Minister that it has been unable to reach agreement on the matter.

[Subsection (2A) inserted by section 41 of Act No. 6 of 2014]


(2B) Subsection (2A) applies to the amendment or replacement of an existing code of good practice.

[Subsection (2B) inserted by section 41 of Act No. 6 of 2014]


(3) Any person interpreting or applying this Act must take into account any relevant code of good practice.


(4) A Code of Good Practice issued in terms of this section may provide that the code must be taken into account in applying or interpreting any employment law.