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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

Chapter VII : Dispute Resolution

Part D : Labour Court

161. Representation before Labour Court



(1) In any proceedings before the Labour Court, a party to the proceedings may appear in person or be represented only by—
(b) a director or employee of the party;
(c) any office-bearer or official of that party's registered trade union or registered employers' organisation;

[Paragraph (1)(c) substituted by section 28(a) of Act No. 6 of 2014]

(d) a designated agent or official of a council; or
(e) an official of the Department of Labour.


(2) No person representing a party in proceedings before the Labour Court in a capacity contemplated in paragraphs (b) to (e) of subsection (1) may charge a fee or receive a financial benefit in consideration for agreeing to represent that party unless permitted to do so by order of the Labour Court.

[Subsection (2) inserted by section 28(b) of Act No. 6 of 2014]