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Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No. 13 of 2002)


Immigration Regulations, 2014


Annexure B: Minimum Standards of Detention





[Section 34(1)(e); Regulation 33(5)]



1.        Accommodation

(a) Detainees shall be provided accommodation with adequate space, lighting, ventilation, sanitary installations and general health conditions and access to basic health facilities.
(b) Every detainee shall be provided with a bed, mattress and at least one blanket.
(c) Male and female detainees shall be kept separate from each other: Provided that this does not apply to spouses.
(d) Detained minors shall be kept separate from adults and in accommodation appropriate to their age: Provided that minors shall not be kept separate from their parents or guardians: Provided further that unaccompanied minors shall not be detained.
(e) Detainees of a specific age, or falling in separate health categories or security risk categories, shall be kept separate.
(f) There may be a deviation from the above standards if so approved by the Director-General at a particular detention centre: Provided that such a deviation is for purposes of support services or medical treatment: Provided further that there shall not be any deviation in respect of sleeping accommodation.


2.        Nutrition

(a) Each detainee shall be provided with an adequate balanced diet.
(b) The diet shall make provision for nutritional requirements of children, pregnant women and any other category of detainees whose physical condition requires a special diet.
(c) The medical officer may order a variation in the prescribed diet for a detainee and the intervals at which the food is served, when such variation is required for medical reasons.
(d) Food shall be well prepared and served at intervals not less than four and a half hours and not more than 14 hours between the evening meal and breakfast during a 24 hour period.
(e) Clean drinking water shall be available at all times to every detainee.


3.        Hygiene

(a) Every detainee shall keep his or her person, clothing, bedding and room clean and tidy.
(b) The Department shall provide the means to comply with item 3(a).