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Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No. 13 of 2002)


Immigration Regulations, 2014

36. Keeping of registers of lodgers by certain persons


(1) The classes of premises contemplated in section 40(1) of the Act are—

(a)        hotels and motels;

(b)        boarding houses and lodges;

(c)        guest houses; and

(d)        apartment buildings.


(2) The register contemplated in section 40(1) of the Act shall—

(a)        be safeguarded by a duly authorised person for a period of two years; and

(b)        in respect of a lodger, contain—

(i)        his or her full names and surname;

(ii)        a copy of his or her identification document or passport;

(iii)        his or her residence status in the Republic;

(iv)        his or her normal residential address; and

(v)        his or her signature.