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Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No. 13 of 2002)


Training fees Collection

Notice 1317 of 2003


Notice 1317 of 2003

25 April 2003

GG 24820


Department of Home Affairs


Public Notice in terms of sections 2(1)(k) and 2(2)(g) of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No 13 of 2002), read with Regulations 28(3) and 30(8)( b) of the Immigration Regulations


In terms of sections 2(1)(k) and 2(2)(g) of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No 13 of 2002) read with Regulations 28(3) and 30(8)(b) of the Immigration Regulations, the Minister of Home Affairs has determined that training fees amounting to two percent (2%) of a foreign employee’s taxable remuneration payable by employers of foreigners on quota work permits and/or in terms of corporate permits, shall be collected in the following manner:


1) Employers shall deposit the fee quarterly in advance into the designated Standard Bank of South Africa current account number 011135905, Van der Walt Street, Pretoria Branch Number 010145. Cheques deposited must be made out in the name of the Department of Home Affairs.


2) The training fee in respect of an initial temporary residence permit shall become payable by the employer upon notification by the Department that the relevant permit has been approved in principle. The permit shall only be issued on receipt of a deposit slip indicating that the fee has been paid into the above-mentioned account.


3) The following particulars must be inserted on the deposit slip in the space allocated for the "Depositor’s reference details/Bag seal number:"
i) The depositor’s (employer’s) name; and
ii) the name of the employee in respect of whom the training fee was paid.

The deposit slip together with a separate sheet (if necessary) containing any further pertinent information that may be necessary to identify the applicant in respect of whom the training fee was paid, shall be transmitted by facsimile, by mail or by hand to the permit issuing mission/office.


4) The deposit date of the initial fee shall be deemed to be the date of commencement of the first quarter. Subsequent quarterly fees payable in respect of the relevant employee shall be paid on or before the third day of the ensuing quarter. The deposit slip indicating payment of subsequent quarterly fees shall be transmitted to the regional office of the region in which the employee is employed. Such deposit slip must be accompanied by a separate sheet containing the employee’s full names and surname, date of birth, temporary residence permit number, passport number, taxable salary and if available, the Department of Home Affairs’ case file reference number.


5) Should the employee leave the services of the employer before expiry of the quarter for which the training fee was paid, such fee or pro-rata thereof shall not be refundable.



M G Buthelezi

Minister of Home Affairs

Date: 25 April 2003