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Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (Act No. 25 of 2002)

Chapter I : Interpretation, Objects and Application

2. Objects of Act



The objects of this Act are to enable and facilitate electronic communications and transactions in the public interest, and for that purpose to –

a) recognise the importance of the information economy for the economic and social prosperity of the Republic;
b) promote universal access primarily in underserviced areas;
c) promote the understanding and, acceptance of and growth in the number of electronic transactions in the Republic;
d) remove and prevent barriers to electronic communications and transactions in the Republic;
e) promote legal certainty and confidence in respect of electronic communications and transactions;
f) promote technology neutrality in the application of legislation to electronic communications and transactions;
g) promote e-government services and electronic communications and transactions with public and private bodies, institutions and citizens;
h) ensure that electronic transactions in the Republic conform to the highest international standards;
i) encourage investment and innovation in respect of electronic transactions in the Republic;
j) develop a safe, secure and effective environment for the consumer, business and the Government to conduct and use electronic transactions;
k) promote the development of electronic transactions services which are responsive to the needs of users and consumers;
l) ensure that, in relation to the provision of electronic transactions services, the special needs of particular communities and, areas and the disabled are duly taken into account;
m) ensure compliance with accepted International technical standards in the provision and development of electronic communications and transactions;
n) promote the stability of electronic transactions in the Republic;
o) promote the development of human resources in the electronic transactions environment;
p) promote SMMEs within the electronic transactions environment;
q) ensure efficient use and management of the .za domain name space; and
r) ensure that the national interest of the Republic is not compromised through the use of electronic communications.