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Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (Act No. 25 of 2002)

Accreditation Regulations

Chapter III : Requirements for certification service providers

13. Technical requirements



1) A certification service provider whose authentication products and services are based on PKI must comply with SANS 21 188.


2) All certificates issued by a certification service provider must, if accredited by the South African Accreditation Authority, conform to the ITU X.509 standard and must contain the following data, among other things –
a) The serial number of the certificate that distinguishes it from other certificates;
b) The signature algorithm identifier that identifies the algorithm used by the certification service provider to sign the certificate;
c) The name of the certification service provider that issued the certificate;
d) The period of validity of the certificate;
e) The name of the subscriber whose public key the certificate identifies;
f) The public key information of the subscriber;
g) Confirmation that it is a certificate that has been accredited by the South African Accreditation Authority and reference to the uniform resource locator of the South African Accreditation Authority's website.


3) Three-factor authentication or a similar acceptable level of security is required for the storage of the private key where authentication products and services are based on PKI.