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Copyright Act, 1978 (Act No. 98 of 1978)


Copyright Regulations, 1978

Chapter 1 : Reproduction Regulations

5. Multiple copies


(1) The rights of reproduction and distribution shall extend to the isolated and unrelated reproduction or distribution of a single copy of the same material on separate occasions, but shall not extend to cases where the library or archive depot or its employee—
(a) is aware or has substantial reason to believe that it is engaging in the related or concerted reproduction or distribution of multiple copies of the same material, other than periodical articles of a scientific or technical nature, whether made on one occasion or over a period of time, and whether intended for aggregate use by one or more individuals or for separate use by the individual members of a group; or
(b) engages in the systematic reproduction or distribution of single or multiple copies of material described in regulation 3 (f), other than periodical articles of a technical or scientific nature: Provided that nothing in this regulation shall prevent a library or archive depot from participating in interlibrary arrangements that are not designed to or do not have the effect of providing the library or archive depot receiving such copies for distribution with such aggregate quantities that they are a substitute for a subscription to or purchase of such work.


(2) The rights of reproduction and distribution shall not apply to works other than literary works, except that no such limitation shall apply with respect to rights under regulation 3 (d) and (e), or with respect to pictorial or graphic works published as illustrations, diagrams, or similar adjuncts to works of which copies are reproduced or distributed in accordance with regulation 3 (f) and (h).