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Copyright Act, 1978 (Act No. 98 of 1978)

Chapter 1 : Copyright in Original Works

2. Works eligible for copyright


(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the following works, if they are original, shall be eligible for copyright

[Words preceding section 2(1)(a) substituted by section 2 of Act No. 56 of 1980]

(a)        literary works;

(b)        musical works;

(c)        artistic works;

(d)        cinematograph films;

(e)        sound recordings;

(f)        broadcasts;

(g)        programme-carrying signals;

(h)        published editions;

(i) computer programs.


(2) A work, except a broadcast or programme-carrying signal, shall not be eligible for copyright unless the work has been written down, recorded, represented in digital data or signals or otherwise reduced to a material form.


(2A) A broadcast or a programme-carrying signal shall not be eligible for copyright until, in the case of a broadcast, it has been broadcast and, in the case of a programmecarrying signal, it has been transmitted by a satellite.


(3) A work shall not be ineligible for copyright by reason only that the making of the work, or the doing of any act in relation to the work, involved an infringement of copyright in some other work.