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Consumer Protection Act Regulations


Notice No. R. 293 of 2011

1. Short title and definitions

2. Franchise agreements

3. Disclosure document for prospective franchisee

4. Mechanisms to block direct marketing communication

5. Maximum duration for fixed-term consumer agreements

6. Product labelling and trade descriptions:

7. Product labelling and trade descriptions: genetically modified organisms

8. Disclosure of reconditioned or grey market goods

9. Information to be disclosed by intermediary

10. Records to be kept by intermediary

11. Promotional competitions

12. Cautionary statement for alternative work schemes

13. Interpretation: Fraudulent Schemes and Offers

14. Prohibition on intermediary arranging transport contracts

15. Public property syndication schemes

16. Prohibition on feasibility studies promising funding

17. Calculation of interest for multiplication scheme

18. Definitions, interpretation and application: auctions

19. Mandatory advertising of auctions

20. General rules on advertising of auctions

21. Rules of auction

22. Auctioneer and auction house to hold and

23. Disqualification to conduct auction

24. Prohibited behaviour

25. False entry in auction record

26. Bidder's record

27. Ownership

28. Bidding

29. Mock auction

30. Internet or electronic auctions

31. Records

32. Motor vehicle auctions

33. Livestock, game and closed auctions

34.Maximum amount of cancellation penalty for lay-by's

35. Initiating complaint to Commission

36. Investigation by Commission

37. Outcome of investigation

38. Standards, procedures and related matters for

39. Form, manner and fee to register business names

40. Notice to cancel registration

41. Official languages to be used by Commission

42. Compliance notice

43. Confidential information

44. List of contract terms which are presumed


Annexure A

Annexure A·- Regulation 4(2)

Annexure B

Annexure B - Section 14(4)(c)

Annexure C

Annexure C - Section 16

Annexure D

Annexure D - Regulation 6(1)

Annexure E

Annexure E·- Regulation 35

Annexure F

Annexure F - Regulation 36

Annexure G

Annexure G - Regulation 37

Annexure H

Annexure H - Regulation 39

Annexure I

Annexure I- Regulation 40(1)

Annexure J

Annexure J - Regulation 40(2)

Annexure K

Annexure K - Section 88

Annexure L

Annexure L - Regulation 42

Annexure M

Annexure M·- Regulation 43