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Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (Act No. 68 of 2008)


Consumer Protection Act Regulations

39. Form, manner and fee to register business names


1) For purposes of section 80(1) of the Act, a person may file a notice with the Registrar in the form contained in Annexure "H" to this Schedule, by mailing it to ________________ (Postal Address), delivering it by hand to _________________________ (Physical Address), by filing it electronically at _____________ (Website) or by e—mailing it to _________________ (e-mail address).


2) A person filing a notice with the Registrar as contemplated in subregulation (1) must pay an application fee of R 50.00 (Fifty Rand).


3) Payment of the application fee contemplated in subregulation (2) may be effected by payment in cash at __________________________ (Physical Address), by electronic funds transfer or payment into the account of the Registrar at _______________ Bank with branch code _____ and account number _________.


4) The Registrar may not accept a notice contemplated in subregulation (1) unless the notice is accompanied by an original receipt for the payment of the application fee.


5) The Registrar may in his or her sole discretion require additional proof of payment of the application fee before accepting a notice contemplated in subregulation (1).