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Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (Act No. 68 of 2008)


Consumer Protection Act Regulations

35. Initiating complaint to Commission


1) For purposes of section 71(1) of the Act, any person may submit—
a) information concerning an alleged contravention or instance of noncompliance in terms of or under these regulations to the Commission, in any manner or form; or
b) a complaint against an alleged contravention or instance of non-compliance in terms of or under these regulations to the Commission, in the form contained in Annexure "E" to this Schedule, together with certified copies of any documents the Commission should consider, by mailing it to _______________________ (Postal Address), delivering it by hand to (Physical Address), by filing it electronically at ___________________________ (Website) or by e-mailing it to (e-mail address).


2) Nothing in this regulation prevents the Commission from initiating its own investigation.


3) Upon initiating or receiving a complaint in terms of this regulation, the Commissioner must direct an inspector to investigate the complaint as quickly as practicable.


4) At any time during an investigation, the Commissioner may designate one or more persons to assist the inspector.


5) The Commission must —
a) as often as may be reasonable inform the complainant of progress or other developments in an investigation; and
b) upon completion of its investigation in writing inform the complainant of the outcome thereof, and if it is not taking the matter further, the reasons for its decision to not do so.