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Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (Act No. 68 of 2008)


Consumer Protection Act Regulations

12. Cautionary statement for alternative work schemes


For purposes of section 37(2)(a) of the Act, any advertisement promoting any alternative work scheme contemplated in section 37(1) of the Act must—

a) without detracting from any other provision applicable to advertising or promotion;
b) in the same font as the rest of the advertisement and in a prominent place where it is likely to be seen by a consumer; and
c) without change,

contain the following notice: "Results, examples and testimonials promised or contained in this advertisement may be out of the ordinary and should not be taken to provide guarantees with regard to the availability of work, business or activity available, projected income or any other benefit promised or implied. There is no guarantee whatsoever that you will achieve the results or outcomes promised or implied in this advertisement. You are strongly urged to ascertain or obtain, at your own cost, assistance to ascertain the probable results or outcomes based on realistic facts and assumptions and all currently relevant and applicable circumstances."