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Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (Act No. 68 of 2008)


South African Automotive Industry Code of Conduct

Part B : Alternative Dispute Resolution

16. Reports, statistics and awareness


16.1 The MIOSA will, in terms of Section 82(5) and (7) of the Act, provide monthly reports on:
16.1.1 management accounts;
16.1.2 trends,
16.1.3 statistics,
16.1.4 systemic issues;
16.1.5 general case information on Number cases referred to MIOSA for each supplier (OEM, dealer or repair workshop) Number of cases considered and closed Number of cases resolved; and Turn-around times for case closure; consumer details; origin of complaint


16.2 The MIOSA will annually provide the NCC with:
16.2.1 An annual Report on the general functionality of the Code, its successes and operation as well as the methods used by the MIOSA to monitor the effectiveness of the Code.
16.2.2 Annual Financial Statement, approved by the auditors of the MIOSA;


16.3 The MIOSA shall conduct ongoing awareness in order to educate and create awareness for consumers, suppliers and all other participants within the Automotive Industry on vehicle-related matters within the Act and the role of the MIOSA.