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Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (Act No. 68 of 2008)


South African Automotive Industry Code of Conduct

Part B : Alternative Dispute Resolution

10. Ombud appointment procedures


10.1 An Ombud will be appointed as follows:
10.1.1 Subject to clause 10.4, each board member as well as the incumbent Ombud will have one vote;
10.1.2 A new Ombud will be elected by way of simple majority of votes of the Board of Directors following the completion of a diligent recruitment process;
10.1.3 The Ombud will be appointed for fixed periods of 5 (five) years at a time with the option of a single further 5 (five) year appointment.


10.2 Whenever a new Ombud is to be appointed, the new Ombud will be appointed one year prior to his/her commencement of the period of service and will be remunerated according to the remuneration criteria as set by the MIOSA board for this period.


10.3 The Board of the MIOSA will be required to invite applications from the general public who meet the selection criteria as set out in clause 9.3 above.