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Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (Act No. 68 of 2008)

Chapter 5 : National Consumer Protection Institutions

Part C : Functions of Commission

97. Relations with other regulatory authorities



1) The Commission may—
a) liaise with any provincial consumer protection authority or other regulatory authority on matters of common interest and, without limiting the generality of this power, may monitor, require necessary information from, exchange information with, and receive information from, any such authority pertaining to—
i) matters of common interest; or
ii) a specific complaint or investigation;
b) negotiate agreements with any regulatory authority—
i) to co-ordinate and harmonise the exercise of jurisdiction over consumer matters within the relevant industry or sector; and
ii) to ensure the consistent application of the principles of this Act;
c) participate in the proceedings of any regulatory authority; and
d) advise, or receive advice from, any regulatory authority.


2) A regulatory authority that, in terms of any public regulation, exercises jurisdiction over consumer matters within a particular industry or sector may—
a) negotiate agreements with the Commission, as anticipated in subsection (1)(b); and
b) exercise its jurisdiction by way of such an agreement in respect of a particular matter within its jurisdiction.


3) The President may assign to the Commission any duty of the Republic to exchange information with a similar foreign agency in terms of an international agreement relating to the purposes of this Act.


4) The Commission may liaise with any foreign or international authorities having any objects similar to the functions and powers of the Commission.